AGA-Europe Pro vs. Sedol 10 Game Series

The 10 game match between Sedol Lee and three Western pros, Catalin Taranu, Gansheng Shi and Andy Liu, has been called after eight fascinating games, as the Western pros were “out of the money.” 

No one has expected the series to end the way it did, and the organizers weren't even prepared to see the handicap change to three stones.

While the results of the handicap change show that the World Champion is still ways ahead of the Western Pros, a lot of the games were interesting showing the sprits of the Westerb pros. Hoepfully, this event will foster healthy growth in the strength of the Western Go players.


All of the many observers found the games enjoyable and even amazing. There really is no end to Go strength.


Game Sedol Lee vs  AGA-Europe Pro Team (Andy Liu, Gansheng Shi, Catalin Taranu)

Lee Sedol

 Gansheng Shi  Gansheng Shi Gansheng Shi
Score 8    0



Game # W Player B Player Date Handicap Result
1 Sedol Lee Andy Liu January 26, 2013 even white wins by resign
2 Gansheng Shi Sedol Lee February 2, 2013 even black wins by resign
3 Sedol Lee Catalin Taranu February 17, 2013
black  white wins by resign
4 Sedol Lee Andy Liu  February 24, 2013
 black  white wins by resign
5 Sedol Lee   Gansheng Shi March 2, 2013
b with reverse komi 3.5
white wins by 3.5 points
6 Sedol Lee  Catalin Taranu  March 10, 2013 b with reverse komi 3.5 white wins by time
7  Sedol Lee  Andy Liu March 16, 2013
 2 Stones white wins by 6.5 points 
8  Sedol Lee  Gansheng Shi  April 13, 2013   2 Stones   white wins by time
9  Sedol Lee   
NO GAME  3 Stones N/A
10  Sedol Lee   NO GAME  3 Stones N/A


Game Records can be found when you click the results of each match.
Commentaries on some of the games were provided by Sedol Lee. They can be found here:, 21, 27, 33, 55, 68, and 120




The first game will start at even game with 6.5 komi. If either side wins two games in a row, the handicap for the next game will change as follows:

     Even -> black with no komi -> black with 3.5 points reverse komi -> 2 stones


It goes both ways so for example if the Western team wins the first two games, then Lee would play the next game at black with no komi.

The default time control is 20 minutes with 3 30sec byo-yomi.