Self-Arranged Gold or MPoint Tournaments

go9dan's self-arranged Gold Tournaments are available around the clock. Self-Arranged Gold Tournaments are knock-out tournaments (where losers are "knocked out" and only winners keep playing) that require Gold to participate. Prizes are awarded in Gold. Players may choose 2, 4, or 8 player tournaments when registering.

Anyone with enough Gold is allowed to create a tournament and/or participate in any of the tournaments currently registering. The Gold awarded to the winners and the Gold required to participate in tournaments will vary. Winner(s) will be awarded Gold less a service fee of 12%, 7%, or 5% depending upon their membership type. In the event window, click on Registering for details.

All of this also applies to MPoint tournaments except the fees and prizes will be in MPoints instead of Gold and your wins and losses won’t affect your rating.

Time limits can be from 1 to 60 minutes basic time with up to three 20 or 30 second readings. Handicapping will be automatic based on rank or rating.


Quarterly LBP Tournament

Lite or Full Members can accumulate Tournament LBPs by participating in self-arranged Gold or MCash tournaments.


Leader Board Points awarded for winning

8 Player Tournament

4 Player Tournament

2 Player Tournament

1st Place
24 LBP
18 LBP
10 LBP

2nd Place

14 LBP




Each quarter, the top 64 Players on the Tournament LBP list will compete in a knock-out tournament. Tournament prizes will vary each quarter. Prizes will be awarded in Gold. The first tournament will be held in the first quarter of 2013.


MCash Tournaments

Lite and Full members may play in MCash tournaments 24/7. Participation in MCash tournaments is limited to rated members who register before registration closes. All tournaments require Gold to participate; the entry fees vary.